Hold up!... I found th most glorious stick.

Every be just walkin along, then be like like, Dang, THAT IS A GREAT STICK!?
EXCITED EEEEEE! I found th most glorious, th most awesome stick. It's been down for a bit. Rain had splashed dirt up over th sides, so I kicked it almost every day for two weeks as I walked past, till I built up th courage to be th weirdo and carry it 100mts up to th car.
As I was carrying I kinda bounced it on each end to make sure any hitch hikers would gtfo or bunker down long enough not to venture out, untill pulled it out of th car. 
 So soo many gnarly knots and old white ant tracks. That perfect silver ageing our gums get. Hollow in places with openings where branches were, to fill with plants or leave for wild things. Inspired, yes. 
 Perfect totem height - 1800 🤓
 Th off side that was on earth has soaked colour, while th front side is that gorgeous aged silver. 
I'm envisioning this bad boi in a 500mm pot, left of centre with a feature vine like Melano or Verru, backed up by a Cebu. A secondary wide bark fencing totem, screening th back of th pot, loaded with other climbers and epiphytes, like a living wall style. And through th centre a root restricted bonsai style, full height tree with textured bark, like a leopard tree! 
⛧⛧⛧ PLEASE NOTE! This was found in a maintained mowed council area, not natural unkept bush land. If I had left it th council would have collect next time they mowed. Please to not take fallen wood from any natural settings. Fallen wood is essential habitat for wildlife 🖤⛧⛧⛧
  Updates to come,.. one day