Ozito Shredder review + Mulch uses.

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⛧ OzitoSilentShredder
⛧@ greenshed
⛧Afterpay ✔️
⛧16-40kg box - probably around 20, help may be needed moving th box..
⛧minor assembly required - easy to read instructions, put it on ground upside down, screw legs/wheels on, lift back upright. Help may be needed moving it around.
⛧TLDR it's great, easy to use, mulched garden cuttings are th bees knees.
So,.. firstly,.. you need to know,...
Back story, th prior experience,,, Our last mulcher was fucking brilliant! Brilliant in that rough as guts, what a score kinda way! Teen offspring found it on th kerb and dragged it th fk home! Fukn champion! Note, we live on a hill so maximum effort!
Never needed to adjust it, it just worked! I kinda always needed someone to hold my hand while I used it tho, there was always a lack of trust, idk, like some thing baad could happen, (anxiety girl strikes again 🦸‍♀️jumps to th worst possible conclusion in a single bound!) And omfg it was loud af, ear plug loud, only use for 30 min loud. But brilliant! Took it all!......... IF I loaded it alternating between leafy and dryer sticky stuff. Too much leafy shit and she clagged up supa quickly, then I'd have to pull it apart and clean it out, loose momentum,uggg. So brilliant buuut really not, but it was, kind of. In th end it rattled a few of its screws loose, aaand they sorta went through it with very loud blade bluntening TINGs.
So I Umm'd & ahh'd for way too fuking long over getting a new mulcher bc I hate buying cheap shit. If I get something like this, I aim for top shelf, electric, that I can buy parts to fix it if needed, and can then pass on to another when I no long need it. Do items like that really exist any more? Aaaand I am also a broke bitch rn! Soo after fukn weeeeks of researching and compromise, I landed on this lil fella.
Pictured: The Ozito Silent Shredder Machine.
I'm not sure if im prejudice to reviews and just read them in Karen, or if they're actually really fuking annoying! An yet here I am doing one... with good reason tho! All th neg reviews said shit like - it gets clogged, matter comes out unshredded like it's just stripped, th exit shute gets blocked quickly bc it narrows to th opening (it doesn't narrow, it's just th shape of th casing), and th feeder opening is too narrow, etc. First though after operating this was - they didn't read th instructions, and their pompous tools.
Th pros said something like - it's good, works well, like fuk, ok, much informative, big thank. Nothing to counter th neg. Youtube pros were of some guys throwing a few bits through continuously without any hassle. With my prior experience that was enough for me to get it, buuut if you havnt used a mulcher before it wouldn't really help. 
I was worried it would clag up with mass amounts of leafy soft wood, which is 90% of our material. Th adjustable cutting gauge makes it supa easy to do any size, up to 4cm, IF you put it threw in sorted batches, and adjust th gauge as needed.
Pictured: Cutting gauge instruction panel on side of machine. 
If th guage is too wide, thinner stalks may come through kind of segmentally bent and stripped, but not cut all th way through. You can just fish them out an throw them through again,.. and again,...aaaand again, until you realise you have to adjust th cutting guage.
Pictured: Uncut stick.
Th exit shute is a rectangular channel, all th way through from breakfast to asshole. If your constantly jamming stuff in, over filling th feeder, it can get blocked. But it's not really an issue if you slow down a bit, and space stuff out. If it's a branch with a supa leafy head, just trim it down a lil. Again sorted batches avoid this. Looking down through th feeder before throwing th next lot in. It should become second nature, or at least every now n then have a geese.
Pictured: Upside down machine showing the exit shute. 
Pictured: Close up of inside th exit shute.
Th feeder opening IS narrow and specifically shaped. It's a safety thing. Forky branch bits have to be cut to a more 2D structure. Again sorting batches.
Pictured: View from above the machine.
Pictured: A close up of the feeder slot.
Pictured: A extreme close up looking into the feeder slot to show th rotating parts.
When cutting th garden back, I sort it as I go. I cut a branch, pull it to a clear space and cut it into gauges. Or trim one set thing at a time and pile it up. 
⛧3cm+ thickness gets chopped in to chunks 10-15cm for fire wood - no more buying servo wood for th braisier 🙌
Pictured: Pieces of 10cm cut wood in a milk create.
Pictured: Close up of a brazier with cut wood. 
⛧2cm+ gets chopped into chunks 5-10cm long for potting additives - used in 200mm-500mm pots to retain moisture and feed mycology🦠
Pictured: Thin sticks cut into small lengths, in a milk create.
⛧less than 2cm thick gets cut into bits that will easily fit it th shedder - with some growth habits, especially Durantra, (a very common shrub at rental properties) , that throws shoot stems on quarters off th main stem, almost every off shoot has to be trimmed. This leaves a leafless stick and a fuk tonne of thin leafy shit. Once shredded matter is used here for pathways, to fill mud, and added to th compost/wormer. 
Pictured: A leafy mulch pathway between overgrown leafy plants.
⛧ leafless sticks - put through separately so I have 'wood chip' to dry, and then use in potting mix! These will slowly break down adding nutrients and retaining moisture 🙌 No more buying pine bark! 
Pictured: Mulched chunks of wood.
⛧thin leafy shit - put through shredder at finer gauge, then straight into worm bin, or if there's mass amounts I'll fill a bin on their own, throw it next to th compost for worms to come up through th holes in th base. Makes th best soil additions, light n fluffy with lil sticks throughout. 🤤
Pictured: A bin full of leafy mulch.
Pictured: Fine Soil with broken down sticks.
⛧ohh fuk yeah, good stick! - crow brain activate! anything that can serve a purpose/any thing that can be used as trellis, short thick bits as pickits/pegs, strong straight pieces, strong forks, funky /gnarly bits for bonsai/terrarium/macramé/etc
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