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While we've been doing bit of a winter clean up, we've got a lot of soft juicy garden scraps. Rather then sending off to green waste we process this resource via worm farms into potting mix additives.

During our clean up we moved a lot of things around and now we also need somewhere to store a few trays of shady plants that will soon be potted up into Totems. And as we roll through th seasons we will need some where to store a few trays of sun loving plants.

Introducing RCI tables! Rough enough is good enough 😂 💎 Worm bin + planks of wood 💎
(RCI = rough cu(n)t industries)

As th weather heats up, I will move th bins a lil more forward off th fence, creating a large shade zone underneath for shade plants and th top will be perfect for veg seedlings & perennial cuttings. I'm stoked with this! Fits a whopping 10 trays! A formal looking metal shelf will fit 12 trays! Or 16 trays for th big ones, but cost $$$! So 10 trays for nuda......BRILLIANT

We have a few of these around. One in th shade house - two bins of resting worm farm ready to used up - storage for shady plant trays. And another on th south side of th house - two bins of active resting worm farms - still get checked often but not longer fed - th top of this is used as a working table, place to put things that are on their way out th gate, etc.
Haveing th table top over th worm bins also helps insulate, them especially in summer.

Soooo while we were clearing our renters "garden", I cut back all th Tradescantia to photograph th area/retaining walls, for our real estate, show them there's no,... damage? Idk,.. Show them what th garden looks like with out all my pots.
We planted th Tradescantia as a quick growing, easily removable, neglectable plant, to cover th dirt bed. Any thing is better than nothing. And while others may curse Tradescantia, I love this giant Tradescantia for all these reasons and th fact it's creates habitat for bugs, and microclimate. Th plants structure holds so much water in its physical form kinda like broms, like wells, but also hold a huge amount of water within its growth.
And this is why it can't just go through th shredder like other garden scraps. All that juicy growth would just clog up th shredder in an instant.

While snipping away at it, it all gets chopped up fine and thrown straight into a bin with paper/cardboard in th bottom and a handful of worms.
So from th first action it's straight into it, intentional actions straight away.
Not just hacking big chunks on to th ground, or into a wheelbarrow, to then having to be dealt with later. Avoiding double handling where ever possible.

I know this isn't supa amazing shit right here but nor is buying brand new shit all th time. There's so many things within plant culture rn that is just completely unnecessary. You don't need to spend spend spend all th time,....and maybe some times spending is just you trying to void fill, or get that lil dopamine hit.
......... Plants excluded of course 😜

✨ Yet another worm bin ✨
1/2 📸 Finished. New plant shelf
3 📸 Cardboard "this isn't just a box, it's a.."
4 📸 Rip tear bust bust - quick soak
5 📸 Empty 60lt bin (bunnings $13), drill holes in base. OK so these bins pictured are actually 75.lt bins but normally I use th 60lts bins.
6 📸 Throw in damp cardboard
7-9 📸 Get worms from somewhere - I raided a finished worm bin - normally I would be much more frugal with this. I'd sift it, picking out th worms and saving th casting for potting mix, buut fup it, today a few small shovels go in th new worm farm.
10/11 📸 fill it up with juicy cuttings. From th bin I filled while cutting th Tradescantia back, into th new bin - but why? Bc I wasn't sure if I had actually put worms and paper in th bottom. Turns out I did and they look very happy!
12-14 📸 those happy worms that were in th base already. Aaaand even though this is double handling it works out will, bc now there's worms and bedding in th top AND bottom, which is what I would have done anyway, so it just saved me time. I spread out this bedding evenly, and then (not shown in pix), I put an old towel on top.
15/16 📸 this is my safe bin/breeding bin/nmother bin. Thought I'd throw a few extras in th new bin. When I opened th lid, looks a lil like they aren't happy, mass exodus? So this gets added to tomorrows to do list - thoroughly check that bin & feed em.
17 📸 location is level - ish, cleared of any crap
18-20 📸 bins in place, space them out, fuk about with them to get just right
21 📸 Th actual dogs breakfast
22-25 📸 ✨TAA-DAA✨ it'll do 😁