What is th best shade cloth?

(((fuck. shit. shitty McFuken Fukkletits!
I just wrote up this long ass bloggy post on fb, then my slut fingers fucked it, hitting th wrong fukn button wiping it all, bc i couldnt spell a fukn word, like it even fuken matters *eye roll*. so fuck, i guess im bloggin now. .....also heyyy, ..how ya doing, if you new here, hii, im Alexis, and this is my shit show *blows kiss* Im a massive whore for plants, i cant spell for shit, and i swear. thats it. thats my whole personality, thats this page, and Death by Plants does th PermaCult things, and sells plants n shit, but th plants are on hold rn.)))
Ok so SHADE CLOTH. Yee. 
After nearly two years, th CubbyHouse's (our growing space) roof is shitting itself. Its "Waterproof double laminated polyethylene tarp cover", and has started ripping and fraying at th top, lookin like she wont survive th next storm. If youve got any pearls of wisdom, experience, or any Qs, please do holla at me.
Ive spent th last few days rabbit holing on whats th best shade cloth?, whats th best %?, best colour? whos got th best deal? and heres what i found.
It all depends!
Depends on where you at n what you got going on. HAha!
Basics are, theres Knitted, (made of polyethylene blend, deflects heat and light, is lightweight yet stronk), and Woven, (made of 100% polypropylene, heavier, retains heat, gooder for cool climate). Th % refers to how much light is blocked. eg 90% light blocked. Th lower %'s lets in more light, like 30% and 50% are better for flowing / fruiting, 70% better for leafy veg / foliage, shade loving plants. 
Colours threw me a little, bc im basic bish, and while im reading th info, my brain is going BUUUT GREEN HOUSES ARE GREEN!!!. You have to get green, right! ..,so theres that,... aaand th fact i fucking haaaate beige!!, ...aaaaand Its not really that basic. Th light spectrum is affected by colour of th shade cloth, whites let light wavelength through, while green/black block some light wavelengths. I haven't got my head fully around light spectrums, etc. Its one of those things that, th wall just goes straight up, and my brains like nope, this is algebra.
Ive added lighter articles are at th bottom, and then there this beffy ass pdf (that i just cant read rn), 
and this on Light wavelengths,
Our growing space is for shade loving plants, mainly Philos, in Bundjalung / Yugambeh (ive listed both bc i need confirmation that th au gov site is listing Bundjalung incorrect, or if im just muddled up)(SE QLD).
Its hot af in summer, frost free in winter, so 70% is best for my needs. 
Guess what colour is th cheapest!. by a wod too!. Ill give you one guess! Yar,.Fucking Beige! Technically they, th particular listing i ordered from, called it Sandstone, but every other site/listing calls it beige. its fuking beige! Bahhhh! Soooo... i got th Beiiiiige. 
That green shed was th most expensive at $30ish a meter, gitfarked. Catch and Ebay have th best prices that i could see for domestic use/buying power. I compared prices for 3.66m wide x10m/20m length rolls.
Our growing space is two, 6x3 car ports (autocheep link at base), and a 2.5x2.5 gazebo (cheap shit near ded, McGyvered to last). So rather than getting a 10m roll, just doing th cubby house, A 3.66m x20m roll will cover all three for heaps cheaper than buying by th meter. Big yay, and it should last 10yrs. only down side is th 10m rolls were cheapest in th green hahaha! one 20m roll is better by m than two 10s, by a wad. Ebay $105 (fucking beige) w free deliver yas.
Annnnd now im tossing whether to buy clear tarp to throw under th shade cloth, to capture rain run off - our actual main source of watering! i didnt even think how shade cloth will change this mass element of our system! stoopid bish! Tarp will also trap humidity, reduce negative environmental influence eg potential poison drift. 
TBC -instillation. will be maxium effort, gut th cubbyhouse, relevel ground for better drainage, rearrange shelves again, etc. le cry. come halp!
Carport: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/coverall-coverall-temporary-carport----3m-x-6m-x-2.7m/164891.html
ShadeCloth: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123324231041?var=423723024004
INFO: http://www.coverplas.com/assets/files/Use%20of%20Colored%20Shade%20Netting%20in%20Horticulture.pdf