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Newbie to green friends? These guys are your go to! Hit us up if you need help, or have any qs. Our fb is a great place for everyday info an convos. Some one is always lurking around ready to help out.

Our plants are sent 'bare rooted', which means they will arrive with bare roots, wrapped in moist spagnum moss and paper towel. They can survive in their post wrap for a few day, if you make sure to stand them up in something like a cup/bowl, but its best you have some potting mix ready to pot them up. 

This is a great opportunity to get to know your new friend. Ask them how their trip was, check them over and familiarise yourself with them. Let them rest overnight if you can before potting up. Gently shake off the sphagnum moss, and pot up as normal, pop a rune in th base of the pot, or perform any spell work that requires light burial.

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