Peperomia Polybotrya ( Raindrop Peperomia )

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Have you seen these guys when they get massive??? yar, you should google big ass Polybotrya! Go on,.. off you go,... Go, go... Come back after tho, aye.
⛧These are small plants
⛧Easy care
⛧Bright Indoor/Shaded Outdoor/Sun Tolerant
⛧Use well-draining soil, let dry out a bit before watering
⛧Perfect for Upcycled randoms and Cute Planters
⛧Great as a pot filler with other plants, eg in front of or around th base of a totem
​⛧Pet friendly 

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⛧Express posted 'bare rooted'
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⛧All plants are grown outside by us. While we take care to ensure best quality, some plants may have minor imperfections. We wash and triple check all plants out going for any sign of pest, but please, like all plants new to your environment, remember to quarantine for up to 14days. We are chemical free. Through permaculture methodologies we actively encourage a naturally balanced environment.