SML Syngonium Angustatum

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Angus meh laddie! Such an underrated gem. Great for those new to keeping green friends. These lads are super chill! They tell you what they need - leaves droopy, crunchy or starting to fall off? give them a drink! Yellowing, lots of brown spots - definitely had enough to drink for a bit, dudes tanked. Either way, they will bounce back happy as ever! Actual plant is not nearly as yellow as showing up in these pix. As they grow th colour varies depending on light conditions, and then sometimes its completely random. Same plant may throw super white centered leaves, then throw only a slim line of white down th center! 
⛧This is a small plant with 2-4 leaves. Photos coming soon
Absolute easiest care
⛧Bright Indoor/Shaded Outdoor/Sun Tolerant
⛧Will tolerate most soil types
⛧Use well-draining soil, let dry out a bit before watering
⛧Hydro Happy
⛧Hanging Pots, Macrame Hangers, and Cute Planters
⛧Totem - Muli-plant for a fuller look
​⛧💀​🐈​😿​ Mild Toxicity to pets