APS wk1 wrap up

APS wk1 wrap up
🥳 First day of APS done
(Advanced Permaculture Skill course) 
......aaaand fuvk it was a warm one. Humidity was rediculouse %. Nice down pour helped a little.
My first time attending Northey Street City Farm. I've adored from afar for yonks but never aligned th stars to get there. What an absolute gem of a place. Each Wednesday (I think) there is a tour if your keen. Every where you look theres something going on. Hearing it all explained in th form of a Permaculture tour walking around th site puts it all into context.
Our course started gently with intros, and then straight into th nitty gritty of 'focus points', discussion around th design principles, and then an activity of pulling apart a very common but vague client brief. At th base of it we came to understand wants don't always meet needs. (Eg you want a specific style of gazebo and a raised veg patch, but what you need is shade and social space, why just buy that specific gazebo from th big green shed when your space could be so much more, meet other needs (plants to support th vegetables, capture water, provide food, biomass, fibre, etc)). That lead to a discussion on each of th Ethics of Permaculture, equality vs equity, and activity around th business side of being a Permaculture consultant. 
Stand out calls- 'th map is not th territory'
So grateful to be on this path 💚