We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Bundjalung country, the land on which we are blessed to live and work, and we extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. We recognise their continued unceded to th land and waters. We also pay respect, and offer thanks to elders past, present, and emerging, as they, along with other First Nations people, continue to nurture this land as they have done since man and woman awoke from the great dream.
We have so much to learn & unlearn
Living environmentally and socially conscious means th world to us! We're not perfect but we are curious and compassionate.
Be Radical
Female Owner Operator 
Always was, Always will be
⛧ Bundjalung (SE QLD) 
⛧DBP 21-22⛧
Ahoyhoy 👋 *baymax wave here*
DBP has been a thing here on th interwebs for a whole dang year now! Yeeeee! .. and guess wot? Yeep, still a fucking green thumbed pirate mouthed bitch that says fuck a fucking lot! 
aaaaand stilllll fucking haaaaate beige and talking about myself,...
sooo,...  yar,...... Lets make it weird, why don't you tell me about yourself instead? Get comfy, I'll pop th kettle on 😘 dm
Thought it might be a fun lil cringe to leave th old about us up and make it a yrly thang. I wonder if I'll wake up old one day and magically start enjoying Beige
⛧DBP 1st yr  2020 - 2021⛧
Yea, Ummm, I hate, fucking haaate, talking about myself. Most days I'm a mess and playing in th garden helps... Bringing th garden inside my home *finger guns*pew pew*... Helping others bring th garden into their lives & homes,.. with some trash talk,.. and witchy aesthetics *insert mega brain expansion meme here*