We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Yugambeh/Bundjalung country, the land on which we are blessed to live and work, and we extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. We recognise their continued unceded to th land and waters. We also pay respect, and offer thanks to elders past, present, and emerging, as they, along with other First Nations people, continue to nurture this land as they have done since man and woman awoke from the great dream.
We have so much to learn & unlearn
Living environmentally and socially conscious means th world to us! We're not perfect but we are curious and compassionate.
Be Radical
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Always was, Always will be
⛧ Yugambeh/Bundjalung (SE QLD) 
⛧DBP 22-23⛧
🌱Today, th 1st of September 2022, Death by Plants is two years strong 🙌 
Aaaand guess who finally feels comfortable talking about themselves!
Fuk Yeah
To those that don't know me personally, Hoii how ya doin! 🕷️ I'm Alexis (they/she, feral, nd, queer). I opened DeathbyPlants.Com in 2020, after yrs of obsessively propagating plants, and generally just fuking around with plants as a coping mechanism to help with my mental health. Jungly tropical plants, and everything that vines up a totem, have always been my passion. A 70s style sunken lounge, filled with plants, and a fernery patio to th side, is my dream! 
Through pandemic lock downs, th connection between Mental Health and Plants became mainstream, naturally th plant boom followed, creating th perfect climate I needed to bring this to life. DBP was also born of a mad distain for all things beige, like those fucking ugly ass baby poo looking rainbows, and boring as fuk white on white everything. DBP def isn't perfect, or everything it could be,.. yet! I am constantly working toward creating an Alternative online Plant store, that's more than just retail!
Mental health is huge part of our Core. Being surrounded by Plants creates a place of solace, and getting dirty makes me feel clean and grounded. Years ago, struggling with drug addiction and domestic violence, plants were my comfort, my therapy, they were always free or easy to obtain, that no one gate-kept, no discrimination. See plant you like, knock on a door, ask about it, ask for a cutting. Usually ended up having great chats with elders, and scoring plants. 
Th name Death by Plants comes from a place of very low mental health and suicidal ideation. A 'Choose Life' (🎶) thing, if I've gotta die of something, let this be th death of me, I'm going to live for this, do this till I'm ded tired each day, one day at a time. That probably sounds dramatic but Its a sad fact that so many of us go through th worst mental health issues not being able to speak up. Lucky I'm a loud mouthed bitch!😅 👉👈It's only taken me two yrs to feel comfortable talking candidly in first person here, without anonymity. 
I've watched others claw their way back out th darkest places, with th help of plants. Having that lil green bitch to tend to each day, like a Tamagotchi, really does help! "This is my plant,.. It just sits there,.. it makes me happy 🥺." Checking in with them, your lil green buddy, IS checking in with YOU!
Another element of our Core is Permaculture!
At first I struggled to link this in with DBP bc I didn't want to alienate ppl with all this grubby talk of composting dog poo, intentionally growing weeds, or getting dumb shit excited about worm farms finally producing enough castings! Especially when everyone else in th Tropical Plant community was only boasting their insta worthy filtered perfection. But honestly fuk. that. noise! fuk perfection, and fuk self doubt. This is what's going on. Everyone needs to be on this, yesterday! Permaculture is THE answer! It's 42! I truly see it as th way out if this mess were in. And I don't know anyone who isn't keen to learn easy small changes, that have big positive impacts on our environment. 
DBP offers Solution Services to help you set up Permaculture systems, personally customised to where your at!, locationally, life style wise, time, financially, etc. There's solutions to fit everyones different needs and circumstances.
Our special interest is low-income renters, but not limited to. These systems are mainly physical garden based Permaculture, but also not limited to. They may look like setting up a small bokashi composting bucket, may be helping connect you with your local community garden, may be growing enough food to create one full meal a week from your garden, etc.
I don't know what I don't know, and will never claim to be a guru. I am keen for us to learn together! 
I've set up our rental property with Permaculture systems to save us money, make us money, improve our health, and make less work for us! Oh any there's fresh Parsley on hand 24/7! 
Over th last few yrs I've done an on-site PDC with PermaQueer, online PDC with Tagari, Milkwoods Permaculture living course, and am currently doing an online courses with Transformative Adventures, and a food forestry course with Savour Soil Permaculture. 
The third Core element of DBP is holding space for Independent Artist. They can retail through DBP, and/or have a info page, and we're flexible to any evolutions this space can take. 
Saving th best for last 😎
In our bio we say "living environmentally and socially conscious means th world to us", bc it literally does.
Our, my world, my offspring, and chosen offspring /family, some of THE best hoomans I know, are a mixture of gifted Autists, POC, Trans, and Queer.
Soooo if you think I'm OTT shouty about shit, walk away, it's not for you! It's to drown out all th negative shit that these loveable lil arseholes and others like them have to face each day.
It's such an honour to have hoomans feel safe to share their story with me when they don't feel safe to be themselves at home. It's wild when you surround yourself with love and open minds, we easily forget th hateful bigots exist.
⛧DBP 21-22⛧
Ahoyhoy 👋 *baymax wave here*
DBP has been a thing here on th interwebs for a whole dang year now! Yeeeee! .. and guess wot? Yeep, still a fucking green thumbed pirate mouthed bitch that says fuck a fucking lot! 
aaaaand stilllll fucking haaaaate beige and talking about myself,...
sooo,...  yar,...... Lets make it weird, why don't you tell me about yourself instead? Get comfy, I'll pop th kettle on 😘 dm
Thought it might be a fun lil cringe to leave th old about us up and make it a yrly thang. I wonder if I'll wake up old one day and magically start enjoying Beige
⛧DBP 1st yr  2020 - 2021⛧
Yea, Ummm, I hate, fucking haaate, talking about myself. Most days I'm a mess and playing in th garden helps... Bringing th garden inside my home *finger guns*pew pew*... Helping others bring th garden into their lives & homes,.. with some trash talk,.. and witchy aesthetics *insert mega brain expansion meme here*