⛧Please make sure your preferred contact details are correct⛧
Thursday - Sunday, after 11am. CONTACT US BEFORE CHECKOUT with your preferred contact and pick up time, and we will make a special listing for your order so you don't pay post. TXT 0408377071 or messenger @deathbyplants13 ⛧ If you are unable to meet th agreed collection time, don't be a dick, let us know, or you'll be paying post 🖕
⛧ $15 STANDARD POST via Sendle ⛧
Orders are processed th day after they are placed, then collected by Sendle th day after that. Orders placed on Thurs/Fri/Sat, are collected by Sendle on Mondays. 
PLANTS WILL ALWAYS BE SENT EXPRESS via Auspost on Mondays/Tuesdays only, $17 capped. Death by Plants reserves th right to cancel plant orders, due unexpected plant damage. Eg damage from  storm/dog/pest/kaotic child. We will always communicate clearly and honestly what th go is. Please make sure your preferred contact details are correct. 
 All plants will be sent 'bare rooted'.
Bare root post, means exactly that, not in a pot. The roots will be protected with moist spagnum moss, wrapped in paper towel, and then wrapped in plastic. We try to use zip bags whenever possible, as they can be washed and reused for seeds etc. Any soft plastic or sticky tape can be sent to Redcycle recycling ⛧ When your plant arrives, open every thing up, stand your plant upright in any vessel with th damp sphagnum moss covering the roots. This is a great opportunity to get to know your new friend. Ask them how their trip was, check them over and familiarise yourself with them. Let them rest overnight if you can before potting up. Gently shake off the sphagnum moss, and pot up as normal. Or take advantage of th opportunity, and pop a rune / crystal, in th base of the pot, or perform any spell work that requires light burial.
If you are very new to planty friends, leave a note at check out, or shoot us a message, and we can guide you through th process. Def dont want your new friend to get left in a postage root cover for a month!
If there is extreme heat expected, we will contact you, and may encourage holding off posting plants or discuss other options.
We do not send plants or any organic matter to WA, NT, TAS, due to biosecurity. These quarantine state require concierge services
Wherever possible, we will use recycled, 
re-use packaging. 
Please share your unpacking with us! We really do wanna see that shit!
If your order is a special gift, let us know, we may be able to do a special thing - gift packaging may cost a lil extra but we love setting up special moments! ⛧ Sorry, no, we don't have any gummy dick's atm, but hold tight
If you are unhappy with your deliveries, please grab some pix and get in touch asap. Packing photos can be provided on request. Yep we grab a shot of every thing going out.