Mess. Forgotten piles. Half projects.

Forgotten piles.
Half projects.
Most of us have them, that general tomorrow problem pile,.
... . But then there's ADHD piles.
Actual Important shit™️, that even with full intention of getting back to, it just falls through th cracks in our brain. 
 I've tried to word this a few times and it just isn't coming out with flow so fukit, verbal diarrhoea will have to do, or it's gona be another post that goes in th too hard pile. Rn I'm fuzzy af, ears are ringing, every thing is sharp and loud, my body aches, I need bed with heavy doona n lil fuzzy dragons (kats).
Over th last week I've had great momentum, ticking off to dos, and setting up th next phase of other to dos, and then today is jus a big ol nope. This isn't adhd, just me rn. But all th things I've lined up to continue/finish today will likely fall to th side, especially if this rest day today blinks into Monday. I won't remember to/be able to just pick up where I left off. 
Cuttings are th worst. I took pix earlier today of th things I'm choosing to not do, and while doing that I actively looked for other things I've unintentionally abandoned. Whadayakno there's a pile of cuttings! + milk creates of perlite plants that didn't get potted up! Likely bc a autistic family member needed immediate support. - not bitching, absolutely so greatful that I have th privilege to drop n go support 🙌this is my life. - am bitching that my stoopid bish brain just be like nope, we won't be back. 
I started studying Permaculture Design to help organise myself, simplify systems, hold space to these mental check outs. And it's working! Slowly. But steadily. 
Problems are a flag to solutions! 
There's photos are th *not today*'s from yesterday, th *forgotten piles*, and th *tomorrow problems*.
Eeep why am I sharing this? Sad lil failures? 
Not today - th things that have to be left rn, a choice. At risk of becoming forgotten; just taking photos of crap like this helps me get back to them, Cuttings need to be processed asap, half potted plant, jars to be cleaned, small plants to repot.
⛧Th forgotten piles - I'll be right back... OOh no O.O three months passed; Cuttings, Perlite rooted plants, old lids to use as saucers, and tub of small plats to pot up.
⛧*unashamed pimp* Yes TODAY! Custom Ceramic Pot available under th DBP Pots Tab. Dm for custom colours.
⛧tomorrow problem - Half projects and regular crap that just isn't a massive priority, I'll get there one day; Old fire pit thing with broken foot, left in garden + Old cot mattress to have stuff pulled off and be used as trellis on fence. Dumping ground shit shelf.
🌻These are th problems.
🕷️These are th patterns.
🌴What are th solutions?